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Blessings Over Trials



When life gets rough, always strive to be grateful. There are always blessings in our lives that we miss seeing when our vison is clouded by challenges and discouragement.”


August 2, in Facebook, the Creative Team of the SIIYM organized a two-hour live streaming activity to praise and worship God and to be inspired as they found that there are still a lot to be thankful for despite what is happening in these pandemic times。 We share with you here the abridged real-life testimonies of some of its members.


Bjger (Vietnam)

I am grateful to be alive, healthy and peaceful. Right now, there are thousands of people who are in hospitals struggling to regain life. There are many people who are unable to walk, or hear, or see or have partial disability. I am grateful to have a healthy body.

I am grateful of having a happy, complete family – parents, sister and brothers. I am grateful of having friends. They make me not feel lonely in this busy society. I am grateful for my partner. He is always at my side, loves me and cares for me. He helps me in all things in life and helps me keep my faith in God.

I am grateful to be a Catholic and be free to express my beliefs, free to go to churchy without being stopped by any organization. I am grateful to still have work and can get salary in these hard times. Many people are now losing their jobs and many companies have gone bankrupt.


Chris (Nigeria)

We have a roof over our head. We have food and comforts. One out of seven people in the world live below poverty line. My parents celebrated 25 years of their married life this year. My sister got married successfully. My friend has a new job. We should cherish the little things and appreciate friendship.


Micah (New Zealand)

Hash tag blessings over trials. I saw this on social media. “I don’t have everything I want but I have everything I need.” That stood out and still sticks with me today.


Royston (India)

I have learned to be more independent whereas before I used to ask people’s help even in small things. I am grateful to have lots of personal time and could help others. I am grateful for an amazing job. My work is related to computers and I could do everything from home. It is safe and saves travelling.


Germain  (Singapore)

The decision to go to a retreat. I needed more discipline in my spiritual life, having to go to mass daily, pray more than I am used to doing, do different things that are not part of my routine. I am very grateful because it was an opportunity to know God and Mother Mary more and grow in faith.


Qin (China)

The most challenging was that work was unstable. But there is something that remains constant. I can feel clearly that God is looking at me, protecting me, leading me. He never left me. He gives me my needs. I can still attend mass in the internet and pray together with the international community.


Samantha (Sri La)

I am grateful for me living and working in Japan. It’s been six years since I left my comfort zone to create a better and global career/future. There are a lot of things to learn, obstacles to face. But in my journey, I believe God is in the front seat, steering the wheel towards the future that He has planned. So do not worry, have faith.


Ram (Philippines)

I have to survive, do things that were unimaginable. Again, I have no work. When I lose someone, something, I look at it as an opportunity, I am grateful because I have two hands, mouth, body, I am healthy and God is always there with me, beside me in my ups and downs.


Saika (Japan)

I am very grateful for having this Ministry. Even though I live by myself and stay alone for a long time I never get bored because there are a lot of on-line activities such as Fellowship, on-line mass, Adoration and the “Hangout.” Thanks to these I could always feel the strong connection with my brothers and sisters and also with God. When we were planning this activity I thought it was a very difficult thing to do. However, God sent the support we needed and made everything possible. All collaborated with joy and gave the best of themselves.




Pope’s Prayer Intentions for April 2021

Fundamental Rights
We pray for those who risk their lives while fighting for fundamental rights under dictatorships, authoritarian regimes and even in democracies in crisis.

Mission 2030 Prayer Intention:

With the grace of the Resurrection, we encountered forgiveness of sins. Please give us peace of mind, so as not to doubt or envy others. May we help one another as brothers and sisters and become instruments of your Peace. "


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