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Christmas Mass Schedule 2023

Christmas Mass Schedule 2023

Did You Know?


Plenary Indulgence

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the conversion of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the 400th anniversary of his canonization, the Holy See has granted a plenary indulgence to the faithful who will visit the churches and oratories of the Society of Jesus during this Jubilee Year. This was in response to a request made by Fr. Arturo Sosa, the Father General of the Society of Jesus. This is certainly a piece of good news for us parishioners of St. Ignatius Church. 


31 Days with Ignatius

Have you ever tried opening They have inaugurated a month-long celebration of Ignatian spirituality called 31 Days with St. Ignatius, in honor of the Ignatian Year and the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola on July 31. Written by lay people, it is a collection of short articles, blog posts, and videos to help you explore the richness of Ignatian spirituality in contemporary times. To give you a glimpse, here are some interesting articles in the series:

  • 10 Reasons to Choose Ignatius, What Surprises You about St. Ignatius?
  • Screen Time and St. Ignatius, Surrendering Our Swords, Taking the Ignatian Challenge
  • What Would You Say if St. Ignatius Came to Visit?, What I like about St. Ignatius of Loyola 



Excellent Talks on YouTube

There is a one-hour talk entitled The 3 Conversions of St. Ignatius of Loyola (Part 1) given by Fr. Danilo Huang SJ, Professor of Theology at the Gregorian University, Rome. What does this have to do with us? Find out by accessing:

The Christian Life Community of the Philippines joined in the celebration of the Ignatian Year 2021-2022 by inviting Fr. Ramon Bautista SJ to a talk entitled Struck by a Cannon, Struck by the Spirit. Here is the link to the more or less one-hour talk.

For a day of prayer, definitely, it is worth listening to! 





Videos for Children

Ignatius of Loyola is also featured in the Story of Saints meant for children. This can be good material for English Sunday School.

Duration is 12 minutes for each part.

On the local front. How much do the children of our English Sunday School know about the name of the church they go to? Their catechists have produced a 20-minute video on St. Ignatius for release in August. Ask for the link at the English Center. 


A Short Film on St. Ignatius of Loyola #ignatius500

Yes, it is less than ten minutes and in cartoon style. But it captures in excellent form the life of St. Ignatius. It was made by The Jesuits of the European Low Countries. Access:


A Full-Length Film

There is an excellent film entitled IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA, SOLDIER, SINNER, SAINT, which was awarded Best Film at Mirabile Dictu International Catholic Film Festival and Best Inspirational at Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA), Philippines. Produced by Jesuit Communications Philippines (JesCom), IGNACIO DE LOYOLA was shot on location over two months in the northern regions of Spain. The film explores the genesis of Ignacio’s conversion and his beginnings as a preacher and spiritual adviser. It touches on his humanity, his conversion, his short temper, his frustrations, his yearning for God.

Watch the trailer and, better still, grab a copy. It is available in English, Spanish, and French. Duration: 1 hour 18 minutes. 


New Publication

Have you heard of the book, Walking with Ignatius!? It was written by Fr. Arturo Sosa SJ to open the "Ignatian Year" and marks the 500th anniversary of the wound that led to the conversion of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Pre-order is available at




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