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Donation for Ukraine

Letter From Our Pastor Fr. Ryuichiro Hanafusa, Sj.


March 6, 2022

We have already entered the Season of Lent. How are you doing? Immediately before Lent, Russian troops invaded Ukraine, leading to a great war. Some of you may have already prayed and made sacrifices at the suggestion of Pope Francis


The Jesuits have an international NGO called JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service). Founded in 1980 by then Superior General Fr. Arrupe, it has continued to take care of refugees from areas of international conflict. In this conflict as well, JRS began to work quickly, taking care of displaced people in Ukraine, Poland and Hungary and those preparing for acceptance in the Southeastern European regions (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia). JRS is also planning to support the European Union-wide network. It has made a request to Jesuits around the world for support and St. Ignatius Church wants to support as much as possible Jesuit peers who are struggling in Ukraine.

 We will start fundraising thru the following procedures:

  • If you can come to the church, please donate directly. Write "For Ukrina" or "JRS Support", etc. on an envelope and put it in the donation box of the church or bring it to the Parish Office so as not to be mistaken for other donations.
  • If by the Post Office, please use the Postal Transfer Form. Transfer account number: 00110-4-252741 Subscriber name: St. Ignatius Church. Please specify "for Ukraine" or "JRS Support" in the communication column. Please note that if nothing is written, it will be a general donation.
  • In morning Sunday Masses(March 13, 20 and 21), the Council Committee will place a donation box in the front of the Main Church to call for donations The deadline is until the end of March. The Jesuits will then remit the collected money.

 Joining with the suffering heart of our Lord Jesus, let us continue to pray for peace the soonest possible time.






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