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That the Ignatian Year is about to close?
On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the conversion of St.
Ignatius of Loyola and the 400th anniversary of his canonization, the Society of Jesus which he founded, initiated the celebration last year. It is about to end on July 31 this year. In this Bulletin, flip the pages and you will see in the SUPPLEMENTARY PAGES how it has been celebrated throughout the year in St. Ignatius Church.



That Pope Francis has not been so healthy these days?

At 85, he has been experiencing old age as his knee condition causes him pain and has affected his mobility. He accepts them with a great spirit and continues his activities as before with great stamina. Addressing the elderly on the occasion of the 2nd World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly (July 24), near the Feast of Saints Joachim and Anne, he said,

You have a message to teach the world and have more experience than any one of us in life. You know what it is to suffer. And so, you need to go out and appeal to the young people. You see what war has brought in the past. You see what suffering brings to families. You have a message to bring.” (He was referring to the ongoing war in Ukraine, to all elderly who have not been able to leave the country.) Certainly, I do not believe that anyone of us who sees the terrible tragedy, the human tragedy of this war, and sees the images we see every night and day on television, and on the news broadcasts of elderly people, our hearts cannot but be moved and go out to these people.”





That the Catholic Church has 10 new Saints?

Pope Francis canonized them in St Peter’s Square, Rome May 15. The Pope highlighted the precious witness of the six men and four women elevated to sainthood. “It is good to see that, through their evangelical witness, these saints have fostered the spiritual and social growth of their respective nations and also of the entire human family.” peace-regina-coeli-saints-canonization-ukraine.html.
Three stood out: a hermit, a journalist, and a martyr:
Fr. Charles de Foucauld (1858- 1916) was a French aristocrat and religious who pioneered in interreligious dialogue and human fraternity.




Fr. Titus Brandsma (1881-1942) was a Dutch Carmelite priest and theologian, killed “in hatred of the faith” in a Nazi concentration camp in 1942. He is being described as a journalist- martyr of the 20th Century.





Lazarus Devasahayam, was a Hindu who converted to Christianity in the 18th century. The first Indian layman to be declared a saint, he embodies a model of fraternity and recognition of the dignity of all persons, regardless of religion
or of social standing.




That donations for Ukraine have reached nearly 13,000,000 yen already? Some were coursed thru the JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service), others like that of the English Sunday School, to CARITAS Japan. The Parish Office continues to receive donations.





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