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November Announcements from the Pastor’s Desk



Dear Parishioners of St. Ignatius Church,
Peace be with you!

It is such a relief to know that the number of people infected by the Covid-19 virus has been decreasing. Since January 2020, we have had difficult times as we could not attend masses as we normally did before the pandemic. Fortunately, we are easing some of the restrictions starting Saturday, November 5th, in order to give more people chances to go to church.

  1. The number of people allowed to enter the Main Church is increased to 250 people.
  2. The Mass for the Elderly and those with Illness will be held every Saturday at 12 p.m.
    • For Sunday Masses, reservation or writing of names are no longer required. However, there is still a limit to the number of people who could enter.
    • This Mass is prioritized for those who have difficulties in attending the regular Sunday masses. The continuity of this mass will be decided later on according to the current situation of the pandemic.
  3. Sunday Masses
    • The masses listed below will no longer require reservation or writing of names. However, there is still a limit to the number of people who could enter.
      Saturday Masses: 6 PM (Japanese)
      Sunday Masses: 7 AM (Japanese), 12 PM (English), 1:30 PM (Spanish), 4:30 PM (English), 18:00 (Japanese)
    • These masses will still have the reservation as it was before:
      Sunday Masses: 8:30 AM (Japanese), 10 AM (Japanese), 3 PM (Vietnamese)
  4. Weekday Masses
    • 12 PM Weekday masses will be resumed starting Monday, November 11. (No reservation nor registration needed)
    • 7 AM and 6 PM Adoration Masses, as well as the application of Group Masses will continue to be canceled.
  5. Responses during Masses
    • It is now allowed to say our Response during masses.
    • Songs will continue to be sung only by the choir.
  6. New Order of the Mass (Japanese Mass)
    • Starting the First Week of Advent on November 26, we will start using the New Order of the Mass.
    • In St. Ignatius, the New Order of the Mass will be inserted in the “Tomo ni Utaou” (the Green Japanese Hymnal), so please free to check them there.
    • On Sunday Masses, the new Responses for the Mass will be displayed on the main monitor.
  7. Christmas Eve Mass Schedule (Saturday, December 24th)
    • 12 PM (The Mass for the Elderly and those with Illness)
    • 3 PM (Japanese)
    • 5 PM (Japanese)
    • 7 PM (Japanese)
    • 7:30 PM (Vietnamese, at Sophia University Building No.10)
    • 9 PM (English)

      Details regarding how to participate will be announced in early December.


If the situation worsens or the number of attendees exceeds the allowed limit, there is also the possibility that the content of this Announcement will have some changes. As His Excellency Archbishop Kikuchisai has said, “We must realize the importance of obeying the protocols in order to avoid further infection. Wear a mask, gargle, wash your hands, and ventilate.”

Let us implement a balanced precaution in order to prevent the further spreading of the virus.


Fr. Saturnino Ochoa, SJ
Pastor, St. Ignatius Catholic Church Kojimachi, Tokyo




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