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Looking back at our PRE-CANA SEMINAR

Marriage is like building a house. You would not wish to build it on the shifting sands of emotions, but on the rock of true love, the love that comes from God.” ~Pope Francis


Setting the Foundation

In beginning to write this article, I look back at how marvelous God has been for allowing us to experience the beautiful gift of the Pre-Cana Seminar. Many think that it is simply a requirement in order to get married; it takes only a half-day or two. But there is more to it than just an item to be ticked off on the checklist, along with all others like the wedding motif, guest list, photographer, wedding cake, wedding dress, and the works.

We had a ten-week Pre-Cana Seminar with Sr. Flor Florece, F.I., here at St. Ignatius Church. It was held for two hours on Saturdays over a span of over several months. We could have opted for the two-day program offered in other parishes, but something was prodding us to do the longer one at St. Ignatius Church. After all, if we could “go the distance” to prepare for our wedding day, which would roughly last 24 hours, should we not do the same for our marriage, which would be for a lifetime?

True enough, all things worthwhile do not come easy. It was a time where we got to know ourselves and each other, and our roles as we bind ourselves in marriage under God’s care. We are individuals with our own body, mind, feelings, and spirit, and as we come together, we should have the awareness to navigate life with these differences and similarities. In a nutshell, it was very enlightening, as much as it was an eye-opener as to how much the church is supporting the community to build a family that centers on God.

Strengthening the Pillars

As we started living together, we had our share of fights and disagreements. I remember the sessions when we were shown Pope Francis’ stand on marriage and his emphasis on the three essential words in the family: “Please”, “Sorry”, and “Thank you.” It is a great reminder to build our home with gentleness, kindness, patience, humility, and forgiveness over and over again. As a married couple, it is imperative to continuously strive hard together to build our marital foundation through love and reconciliation, remembering our unbreakable vows and divine covenant before God.

The Building Continues

As God faithfully bestowed on us the grace of co-creation, blessing us with a bundle of joy just two months after we got married, we faced new challenges. The opportunity to manifest what we have learned in the Pre-Cana again surfaced. We are reminded that evangelization begins at home. As parents and co-educators, we have to model what it is like to be a Christian - from simple things like daily prayers before and after sleeping, prayer before meals, praying the rosary and going to church together. More so, as husband and wife, we have to set an example to be more loving and kinder to each other.
It goes without saying that our Pre-Cana Seminar was truly a special undertaking we both shared. Along with our wedding preparations, we consider it as one of our first accomplished projects. So much so, that when people ask us how we prepared for our wedding, this is one of the highlights we share. We always recommend this to our friends who are thinking of tying the knot. We now urge you or someone you know who is considering getting married to go through this enriching seminar.

All in all, while there is still more that we need to learn, unlearn, and relearn, this much we know is true: God’s grace will always sustain us through and through.


by Ace Mark & Pearl Giselle Almoroto


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