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Celebrating the
20th Year of the Dedication of
St. Ignatius Church




When planning of the new church began there were so many complications that at one time I wished I could simply bang down the gavel, close discussions, and announce that we are doubling the size of the old church. But that was unnecessary. Instead, God has created this new church, a monument to the dedicated work of the architects, construction crews, and to the love and prayers of all who made it what it is now.”

Fr. Joji Yamamoto, SJ.
St. Ignatius Church Associate Pastor



Fr. Cangas, the pastor at the time when the new church was completed, spoke for all of us when he stated that he was overwhelmed. In fact, as Fr. Cangas foresaw at that time, the entire congregation is excited, filled with hope of the Resurrection and satisfied that whatever small sacrifices we made with prayer were being rewarded.”

Katsuhiko Watanabe
St. Ignatius Church Chairman of Church Committee



This house, built by human hands, from now on will be called a “House of God”. May those who come to this warm and bright space to pray in sorrow or in joy receive from God enlightenment and help, encouragement and strength. This is my hope and prayer.”

Fr. Koichi Matsumoto, S.J.
Provincial of the Society of Jesus in Japan



In 1999, we bade farewell to the previous, much beloved church but had the joy of dedicating the new church in June. This (photo album) is intended to express our gratitude to all who helped us in the creation of the new building with their hard work, passion, contributions, faith and prayer.”

 Fr. Hiroyuki Ikejiri, S.J.
 St. Ignatius Church Pastor


Come and Join us to the: 20th Anniversary Of The St. Ignatius Church Dedication

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