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Pope's Intention for August 2019

Evangelization – Families

That families, through their life of prayer and love, become ever more clearly “schools of true human growth”.


Mission 2030 Prayer Intention for August 2019

God our Father, during this month of Prayer for Peace, we remember the many people in our society who are living in division. Help us to value and respect all persons, walk with them, and bring all peoples together in joy.


Please be notified that confessions in english during August will be held only during English Mass (Sunday 12:00 PM), until August 31st.


Groups serving the needs of the English-speaking community of St. Ignatius Church


Do you know that there are fourteen groups serving the needs of the English-speaking community of St. Ignatius Church? The members are all volunteers that come from different countries, races, cultures, and ages.


Starting this issue, we will be featuring several groups at a time. They share who they are, what they do, how they feel about their ministry, their hopes and desires. We invite you to get to know them and see to what ministry are you attracted. Perhaps you too are being called by the Lord “to know, love and serve Him”? Drop by the Center and be part of our mission of spreading the “GOOD NEWS” of Christ to others. Be part of this vineyard of the Lord in Japan!


Altar Servers

“We are boys and girls ages 10-15 years old who do simple tasks before, during, and after the English Mass. Every two months, we meet to learn more about our liturgical duties. Our joys are to be part of a community that serves the Lord at the altar table, be able to make friends with one another, and learn how communicate both in English and Japanese. One challenge we have is how to grow in patience as we do our duties. We hope that our number will increase and that we will be able to do better in our tasks, especially on important days like Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter!


Angels’ Group

We are young and adult volunteers who love to evangelize children. Every 1st Sunday, just after the Opening Prayer of the Mass, we gather children in Xavier Chapel and provide stories of the Gospel Reading in simple language understood by them.

Our ministry provides us a good opportunity to rethink our faith and to be evangelized ourselves. One of us shared, “As a child I have no experience being a Christian. I was already an adult when baptized. Watching the children's docile manner toward the Lord moves me every time. I learn a lot from them.” Another pointed out, “Childhood is the time for establishing foundations of faith. In 2030 the children who come to the Angels Group will be 18-24 years old. Thus, we have to cherish every activity done as religious education and experience.” For others, bringing children to God may be a small mission, but for us “Angels” it is a great mission and grace we are happy and thankful.



We sing songs that reflect the Sunday Readings. The words of the songs are taken from the same chapters and verses of the readings or are the same themes of the readings. To be able to sing the songs well, each member cooperates to become one whole voice, and thus deliver the message of the readings in an engaging manner. Friendship and sense of unity are born from this common purpose, for which we are thankful. We feel great joy in singing together in the service of God.


Coffee Welcome Ministry

Responding to the results of a survey by St. Ignatius Church, we help church parishioners enjoy socializing and make new friends by serving complimentary coffee/ tea provided by Seibo Japan. We also continue the great tradition of Christian hospitality for guests and newcomers. We feel so happy to be able to meet new people through this ministry and to know that these people seem to be also very happy to have a chance to feel part of the family at St. Ignatius Church. We need more volunteers to train staff on making coffee and we hope to collaborate with the Welcome Table Group, so we can welcome more people not only once a month but perhaps even 2-3 times a month!



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