Events August 2017

2017 August Liturgy

St. Ignatius Church Events

Archdiocese and Universal Church




4th (Fri)

First Friday

First Friday Prayer (Hatsukin Choir) 7:00 PM


6th (Sun)

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord
Blessing of Children at 12 noon Mass
Liturgy of the Word for Children in Xavier Chapel

Prayer for Peace Aug 6th – Aug 15th

12th (Sat)



Walk for Peace / Mass for Peace at St. Mary’s Cathedral @ 6PM

13th (Sun)

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time


15th (Tues)

Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady

Mass schedule:
7:00 AM; 10:00 AM: 6:00 PM (Japanese) 12:00 Noon (English)

20th (Sun)

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

No English-Speaking Group Meeting


27th (Sun)

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

  • ~ International Youth Ministry Gathering ~ 2:00 pm in Rm 310
  • Parents & Kids Reading Club at 11:10 am ~ Room 302 (Main Bldg)









  • July 25 to September 4 – The English Center will be closed except on Sundays.
  • Church Office will be closed from August 11 to August 16.
  • August 1 to August 31 - Parish Hall (Main Building) will be closed at 7 PM
  • July 23 to September 10 – No Merienda Group; they will resume on September 17, 2017.


 10 Days of Prayer for Peace: August 6 to August 15


“The peace we seek is based on the reconciliation between humankind and God, which in turn is based on Jesus’ cross and resurrection. As believers, our approach to peace must have Christ at the Center. Only by being one with Christ, and with His support and leadership, can we obtain peace. At the occasion of the last supper, Christ established the Eucharist by wishing that “all of us become one.” Through the Mass, Christ shines upon those of us who march towards the realization of peace, and gives us strength to reach the goal. ・・・ To us humans, who are disunited with hatred caused by our sin – Christ brings fire of love and leads us to the ‘disarmament of heart’. He heals our wounded hearts, brings oneness among peoples, and creates inner foundation for the everlasting peace. “(cited from “The Resolution for Peace).