Events July 2018

2018 July Liturgy

St. Ignatius Church Events

Archdiocese and Universal Church

Finding God in All things...”- St. Ignatius of Loyola, Founder of the Society of Jesus




  • July 23 to September 3 – The English Center will be closed except on Sundays.
  • Church Office will be open throughout summer.
  • August 1 to August 31 - Parish Hall (Main Building) will be closed at 7 PM.
  • July 29 to September 9 – No Merienda Group; they will resume on September 16, 2018.

1st (Sun)

  • 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time
  • Feast of Bl. Petro Kibe and 187 martyrs
  • Blessing of Children at 12 Noon Mass- Liturgy of the Word for Children in Xavier Chapel
  • Praise and Worship Prayer from 10 AM ~ in Room 203A
  • Edo Martyrs pilgrimage
  • Mission 2030 seminar, 1 PM, Joseph Hall Fires Encounter, 2-4 PM, Room 310, Kibe Hall 

6th (Fri)

  First Friday Taize Prayer, 7 PM, St Xavier’s Chapel


7th (Sat)



Share the Journey- St. Mary’s Cathedral: 10 AM - 4 PM

8th (Sun)

14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

  • Children’s Mass, 10 AM (Japanese)
  • Talk on “Pro-Life Activism: Call of the Times”, 2.30 PM, Kibe Hall
  • Meeting with Bishop Ndamira of Caritas Uganda:1:30- 2:30 PM: Kibe Hall

15th (Sun)

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

  • Understanding the Mass Seminar, 1 PM, Joseph Hall
  • English-Speaking Group Meeting - Room 301-B 1:45 PM (Main Building) 

21st (Sat)


Follow-up course for the newly baptized and their godparents, 2 PM, Joseph Hall


22nd (Sun)

16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Novena prayer to St. Ignatius at the end of each Mass and Adoration at 6:45 PM each day until July 30


29th (Sun)

17th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Meeting of all groups working for St. Ignatius Church at 1 PM (Joseph Hall) in Japanese


31st (Tue)

Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola