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Regarding The Award-Winning Logo

When I think of St. Ignatius Church, the word that resonates most with me is “Shelter”. Arriving in a new country can often be a lonely experience, but I found within the walls of the church, not only a spiritual refuge but a community that welcomes me with open arms.


The magnificent stained glass windows were the first things to captivate my attention when I first stepped into the church a few weeks ago. They are a symbol of the church’s beauty and the light it brings into our lives. Therefore, I envisioned the foundation of our logo to be inspired by the stained glass, representing the colorful and diverse tapestry of our congregation.

The image of a rising sun is a homage to Tokyo and in the foreground, standing prominently, are the two iconic buildings that grace our church premises, symbolizing the very heart and soul of our cherish community.


Note: The designer of the this award winning Logo for the launching of the 25th Anniversary of the Dedication of our present Church is Joanne Lopes, a young adult from India. Just arrived a few months ago, she is presently connected to the John de Britto English Center and is starting to get to know the St. Ignatius International Youth Ministry (SIIYM).



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